Wise People


Participating organizations have greatly benefit from WISE as the innovative multidimensional methodology that empower them to more precisely and promptly identify students’ needs from entry to exit into the labour market.
As such, they are better equipped to more adequately accompany their students throughout the educational lifetime at university, to properly advise students on academic, professional and life decisions and accurately track students into the labour market and further education and learning. WISE staff members will greatly benefit from the WISE project as they had the opportunity to be directly involved in design, pilot and full-scale deployment phases of the multidimensional methodology: staff members have contributed with their wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the definition and provision of students’ services.
At the same time, those staff members will greatly benefit by exchanging knowledge and best practices with other relevant peers and colleagues from other countries and other professional and educational settings.
Being engaged in a project of this magnitude gives the participants a chance to get involved breaking down many barriers; first of all the difficulty of communication between people of different nations and different cultural backgrounds.
The European projects stimulate the sense of belonging to one big common purpose, the skills of each are the primary target service and the results derived from such experiences can only be a stepping stone to new experiences.
The spirit of working collaboration gives way to real friendships that are established and long-lasting: each team members’ differing strengths contributing to an ideal balance of skill and behaviors.

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