Wise Visibility

All partners give their own contributions to provide the widest visibility possible and to promote the uptake and mainstreaming of the WISE model and Matrix within the European Higher Education eco-system.
Each organization leads tasks and roles in consideration of its specific experience in the definition, management and monitoring of large scale dissemination campaigns as well as relevant expertise in the dialogue with stakeholders and target groups.
Partners have been providing visibility of WISE activities through:
– conferences, events, seminar, workshops, public activities in which they take part – and whose focus is pertinent and relevant with the WISE one – not only during the lifetime of the project but also in the two years after the end at local, national and international level.
– spread of information through newsletters, working groups, associations, networks, social networks. As regards the WISE social media profile, the Consortium agreed not to create a defined one but to use the partners’ ones.
– regular publication of press releases on web sites
– involvement of media (local and national)
Such combined and well organized efforts will produce tangible and remarkable results in terms of visibility of the project, with a minimum 50.000 people reached per year.

Despite English is the working language of the partnership, in an effort to ensure the maximum visibility in all relevant participating countries and beyond and support the multicultural approach in project implementation, dissemination and valorisation of results, the main deliverables and contents have been translated also in the most appropriated national languages of the Consortium: Croatian, Italian, Polish and Swedish (Åbo Akademi University is an internationally acknowledged Finnish research university providing education in Swedish).

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